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Welcome to GWA Supplies®

Some years ago, I was interviewed for a job and my interviewer shared a powerful statement. He said "I want to hire somebody who answers the questions, I wish I had asked." Well, we want to be the people you work with to provide you with the solutions you wished you had asked for.

With our core values at heart, we are strong believers that people will buy from other people and we endeavour to treat others the same way as we would want to be treated. Hence the reason we strive to tailor our products and deliver Safer, Smarter and Simpler services, to meet our client's needs.

I do hope that as you read through our products and services they will spark ideas as to how we can help address some of the issues that you might be experiencing on your wind farm.

Clifford McSpadden - Director & CEO

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Take their word for it!

We are delighted with the support we received from GWA Supplies®. They are an integral part of our plan and our team. Together we made the transition a great success and we are excited about developing our relationship together

Offshore, Site Manager, UK

The IPAD provided to us by GWA Supplies® is such a valuable support to rapidly find parts and to benchmark prices. The photographs are so helpful to the technical team

Onshore Site Supervisor, France

We could not do our job without the support and technical backup GWA Supplies® gives to us on a daily basis

Onshore Senior Project Manager, UK

Messing around trying to obtain a missing product to complete a service can easily waste a full day. Getting a complete service kit in this way takes away that risk.

UK Onshore, Asset Manager

GWA Supplies® were able to carry out research and identify the exact part that I needed. This was after I had been unable to get the correct details from my own technicians.

Onshore Wind Category Manager, New Zealand

With Triple S the hours required to complete a service on a Siemens 3.6MW reduced from 140 hours with the Turbine OEM to 100 hours with the Owner

Offshore, Site Manager, UK

Its great the way you listen to our problems and frustrations and how you always go a way and come back with solutions

UK Offshore, Operations Manager

SPUD saved us 1.6m in opening stock

UK Offshore, Operations Manager

One of my biggest pleasures and highlights in 2014 has been working with you

UK Offshore, Operations Manager

We have required several gearboxes and blades for our V47 turbines and GWA Supplies® has done a fantastic job each time in sourcing these for us, in a timely and cost effective way. In case of the gearboxes, we were able to trade the, in against the replacements, further minimising costs

Onshore, Site Manager, UK

GWA Supplies® Key Facts

- We have the knowledge base of over 19,000 parts that is constantly evolving, as we add on average, 250 new parts each month -
- We have over 80,000 photographs of parts -
- Triple S Service Kits have improved 33% of site productivity -