The Hove Easy Grease Concept, a portable grease lubrication system, was specifically designed for the wind industry. It provides a number of benefits:


Hove-Easy  - less downtime during maintenance
  - accurate lubrication
  - less contamination risk
  - lower costs on lubricants
  - less muscular stress for technicians


   Thomas Cramer, Sales and Marketing Director of Hove A/S  is delighted to work with GWA Supplies:

  “I have had the pleasure to work closely together with GWA Supplies Ltd, as well as with the management through their former company, for a long period of time. GWA Supplies Ltd act as distributors for our company in the territory of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Not only do GWA Supplies Ltd. provide us with growing sales in their territory, but their values on how to do business with a focus on service and honesty, combined with their immense network, knowledge and formidable reputation in the industry, actually validate and market our products beyond their territory. I can only give my best recommendations to GWA Supplies Ltd. as a business partner.”  


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