Operate and maintain your wind turbine fleet more effectively.   Avoid expensive surprises with a clear picture of the health of each gearbox. 


   Industry leading MetalSCAN technology provides the most reliable method for assessing gearbox bearing and gear damage at the earliest stage.


   -  On-line real-time condition monitoring
   -  100% detection of Fe and NFe metal particles
   -  Proven reliability in harsh machinery environments
   -  No special skills required to interpret data
   -  Full flow rugged design
   -  Easy to install on most turbines
   -  Solid-state, no moving parts
   -  Full function continuous built-in test


  •  Proven to provide the earliest reliable detection of component damage
  •  Monitor damage progression and estimate remaining useful life
  •  Avoid equipment secondary damage
  •  Avoid unplanned outages